We help brands tell better stories.

Rather than creating content, sparkk offers workshops, coaching and consulting to show teams how to transform or enhance their current content efforts into sustainable stories and campaigns that help them stand out in a crowded space and get more return on investment of time, money and effort.

When it comes to food and modern lifestyles, meaningful content does more to engage customers, increase awareness and encourage repeat sales. We believe that for mission-driven brands, providing this value to people who care, is the solution to connecting with and inspiring more customers. 

Sparkk is based in the greater Boston area but works with passionate brands anywhere.

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Designer, photographer, educator, speaker and writer Melissa DiPalma started sparkk to help food and lifestyle brands improve their content marketing through stories and campaigns that provide value to customers. Melissa began her career as a Swiss-trained graphic designer (which explains her desire to neatly arrange objects in her photos) and first worked as a book designer. Since then, her experience creating content as a commercial and editorial food photographer (for clients like Burdick’s Chocolate, Island Creek Oysters, Harvard Common Press and Yankee Magazine), as well as teaching at schools like the Rhode Island School of Design and Arizona State University, has given her the opportunity to produce, research, teach and analyze how narrative and visual storytelling is more important than ever for brands who have something to say.