The Story Sprint is sparkk’s signature tool for developing a content strategy. It is a collaborative, hands-on workshop that makes it possible to build a sustainable plan in less time and with more involvement from your team.

A “sprint” is a method used by designers, developers, marketers, corporations and entrepreneurs to work through projects that require creative solutions, group input and a lot of customer focus, all within a short timeframe. Sprints have been adapted to solving many kinds of creative problems including product design, marketing campaigns and business development strategies.

Our version of the sprint is modeled after the Design Sprint process developed by Jake Knapp while working at Google Ventures. We adapted the framework to focus on storytelling and content creation in order to help clients tackle content campaign challenges - we call it the Story Sprint.



Why do a Story sprint?

The Story Sprint is a workshop that facilitates the collaboration, brainstorming, and assessment needed to create a working content strategy all in one day. For larger brands, the sprint can be used to narrow down ideas for a new campaign and test response before investing time and money. For smaller brands, the sprint can help with establishing content themes, a basic execution plan and high level content calendar. After the sprint you have the foundation and confidence to get started producing better content, on a more consistent basis.

Who is a Story Sprint for?

Our process works for both larger, established brands as well as smaller or start-up ventures including food producers, retailers, e-commerce stores, festival organizers, non-profits, hotels and hospitality, tourism boards, restaurants, distributors, or home and kitchen product designers. Each workshop uses the same sprint methodology but is customized for the client to address their specific content needs. The Story Sprint also works best for organizations that have already identified their brand strategy and offerings and are starting to, or already produce/share content even if it is on a small scale.


What does a story sprint look like?

The Story Sprint is a brainstorming and planning session resulting in collaborative decision making. Through a series of exercises, discussion and activities, we uncover your best stories and make decisions that will set the groundwork for what you want to communicate to customers and how it will provide value to them. The Story Sprint works best with a group of people (ideally 4-10) so it is a great opportunity to get multiple stakeholders involved including owners, executives, staff, marketing/design teams, management, even customers! We will come to you to facilitate the session at your business or at an off-site location, and organize the day for maximum productivity (and some fun).

What is the outcome?

For the majority of our clients, the Story Sprint helps them make important decisions about how and what their brand communicates. The outcome will depend on what you choose to focus your sprint on, whether it is an overall strategy or a specific campaign. In some cases the outcome is a concrete list of story ideas and themes with a plan and process for execution over time. In other cases it is an outline for a specific content campaign or project that can be prototyped and tested with customers. Regardless, the workshop will result in greater focus, clarity and confidence in your content efforts. You can contact us for specific details about what is included as part of the Story Sprint process.


What Happens After the Sprint?

You will receive a PDF Brand (or Campaign) Content Guide as a summary of the session and the decisions made by the group that can be used for reference by the team as well as showing to other employees. 

The session also includes 3 monthly follow-up phone meetings with us for feedback and guidance in executing your plan.

You can use your Content Guide as a starting point to work with freelancers or an agency, or to create content in-house or on your own.

Why Sparkk?

Working with sparkk, you are plugging your business into a proven, researched, efficient and rewarding process that has helped many lifestyle brands grow and become more valuable to their customers. We work hard to customize workshops to meet the needs of different clients and a result, we make sure it will meet your expectations and get you further down the road, faster.



Ready to get started?

The Story Sprint works for small and large organizations to help with any content challenge.